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Everything You Need To Know About Portion Control For Weight Loss

Portion control means to decrease your calorie consumption and burn more calories as compared to the calories you consume. Its purpose is to understand what amount of calorie a serving size of food may contain, it is all about eating a healthy and balanced amount of food. Doctors often recommend Portion control for weight loss because it can be estimated by using a point of reference for any object which can be mighty effective as far as the weight loss is a concern. In order to maintain a healthy weight, you must know how many carbohydrates and calories consuming and how they will affect your sugar and blood pressure and what amount of food is enough for you.

Best Tips About Portion Control For Weight Loss:

Lose Weight Through Portion Control:

Losing weight through limit portions is a good idea as it doesn’t apply any hard and fast rule. All it needs is to control and measure the serving size for your food.
A study held in 2004 among 329 people with the overweight issue has found that about 38% of the people who follow portion control for 2 years had lost more than 5% of their body weight as compares to 33% of people who didn’t lose any weight during this period.

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How many Calories should I Consume?

A common question normally arises about weight control is, what would be the suitable amount of food to eat? The number of calories you need each day to maintain your normal weight depends upon your gender, age, metabolism and many other factors.

How many calories should i consume

Example: a 160-pound person who goes for a short walk only once a day will burn less calories as compare to another person of same weight who go through an extreme and intense physical activity like fast running.

Skipping Meals is not the Solution!

Often people think that starving will help them in losing their weight but this perception is completely wrong because if you are skipping your meal then you are more likely to consume an extra addition portion. For this reason, the best plan is to have 3 timely meals which will not only control your appetite but also helps you in preventing extra calories which comes to us in form of snacks.

skipping meal not a solution

How to Control Portion While Dining Out?

Controlling your portion might be pretty much easier when you are at you home but it gets tough when you are eating out, don’t worry check out these helpful suggestions about how to control portioning when are out of your home:

  1. Eat half of your meal and take the remaining half with you to home.
  2. Share your meal with someone like your friend or cousin.
  3. Try to avoid going to a buffet.
  4. When you think you are full, stop eating and enjoy the company.
  5. Try to choose small size product rather than medium or large.
  6. Avoid having junk foods especially French fries.
  7. Always prefer grilled food over fried food.


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