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Best 21 Day Fix Portion Control Plan For Loosing Fat

If you want to lose your fat but also don’t want to be on diet, than this 21 day fix portion control plan is perfect for you. Apart from normal dieting plan this plan will not stop you from eating. It will just control your portion so that you can lose your weight without feeling helpless and miserable. This 21 day plan will help you to calculate you calorie consumption and according to which it will determine that what size of container will be best for you, to stay you on track of weight loss.

What is 21 Day Fix Portion Control Plan?

Calculate Your Calorie Consumption:

Calculation of your calorie consumption is necessary either you are trying to gain, lose or maintain your weight. These calculations help you in knowing what amount of food would be perfect for you in order to maintain your portion control. Here below is given the calculation through which you can reach your goals to control portions:

  1. First you need to multiply your body weight (pounds) * 11. The value or number you will get by this calculation will be called caloric baseline.
  2. Now add 400 (calorie burn) to the above value of caloric baseline. The number you will get will represent the total Calorie you need for maintaining your weight.
  3. Now minus 750 (calorie deficit) from the total calorie you need. This number you will find after calculation will be called caloric target, the calorie you consume to lose weight.

Develop Meal Plan for Every Single Day:

Now start planning a proper portion control plan. Take your normal food consumption and highlight some of the healthy food product from them. Then using a meal planner, select the food for each day. But it is important that what type of food you would have in your meal, try to include nutritious and healthy meal. Don’t have to worry if you have to start slow and simple like food that don’t require any cooking like salads and sandwiches. Once you will get habitual of these meals, you can add more recipes to your diet gradually with days and weeks.

Create Grocery List:

For getting you goal of portion control you need to create a grocery list and need to strictly stick with it. In the list you will include meals that you are going to choose for next four to five days. It is completely okay to purchase additional quantity of these foods in order to have some extra in your hands, but this doesn’t mean that you can eat as much as you want. Instead try to consume amount that will match the calorie level of yours. Make sure that your grocery list should only include ingredients that don’t need to be cook much, should be light and easy to digest.

Final Words:

Hope these tips will assist you in calculating and controlling your calorie consumption. Don’t forget to share your suggestions and views after completing this 21 days portion control diet plan.

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