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Best Portion Control Diet Plan For Female 2018

Many females often have worries about their weight gain which force them to try different diet plan for their portion control. So here we are going to discuss the best portion control diet plan for female. Fat contain much high calorie as compared to protein or carbohydrates but is also really effective in satisfying hunger. That’s the reason why the perfect diet for a women must include a medium source of fat in each meal. Choosing the right amount of fat could be a key to control your weight and to help living a healthy life.

Complete Portion Control Dieting for Women:

Here below are given some portion control diet plans and tips for females that will surely help them in maintaining their weight and body.

Useful Tips for Female Portion Control:

Eat Light Breakfast:

light breakfast

It is recommended to eat the breakfast within two hours after you wake up and rather than having a heavy breakfast try to eat light breakfast. This will help to eat less during the whole day. Try to include such food in your breakfast that includes high amount of fiber and protein.

Divide your Pizza into Smaller Pieces:

divide your pizza

Most of the time people don’t like to share their pizza slice with someone even with their friends this results in form of eating the whole slice. But if you cut your pizza into 16 slices instead of 8 than it will definitely help in eating less and ultimately ends up in consuming less calories.

Minimize your Food Packaging:

A latest research have found that if our food packaging will be bigger than there will be a great chance that we will end up in eating more food. Minimizing your food packaging can be mighty effective as this will prevent you consume high food calories.

Eat Slow:

eat slow

Eating slow is not only a good practice but is also very useful in portion control because when we eat slowly we tend to eat with more mindfulness due to which we eat less. It happens because our mind only emphasize on satisfying the hunger and not on the stomach fill up.

Count your Bite:

Another good plan to control your portion is to count your bites because this will continuously reminds you that you have already eaten a lot and if you still continue eating you will get fat.

Learn to Cook:

learn cooking

A recent research revealed that people who are associate with cooking have low risk of having diabetes. As this is a general phenomenon that whoever cook at home will definitely prefer to eat at home this will prevent them from eating outside and ultimately help them in staying away from weight gain.

Final Words:

So if you want to have a slim waist, then your portion control diet plan should not include fast burning carbohydrates like white bread, noodles, potatoes and sugar. Take them out of your food list and prefer slow burning carbohydrates like whole grain bread, different kind of berries, whole-grain pasta, beans pasta or sweet potatoes. These type of carbohydrates will help you to keep you sugar and blood pressure level maintain so that you can stay fit and healthy.

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