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21 Types of Wine Glass Designs You Should

Selecting a perfect wine glass design to pour your favorite wine into it has always seems to be a tough job. But understanding the basics of a wine glass might be much more simpler than your expectation and keeping knowledge about their different designs will definitely help you in enhancing your experience of drinking wine. As there can be wine glass of different design, size and shape to drink different kinds of wine. Here in this article we will take a much closer look to some of the most regular and common types of wine glass designs.

But before going to any further discussion about different types of wine glass design. Let’s take a look about the different parts of a wine glass.

parts of wine glass

The Foot:

Helps the glass to stand straight giving support to the upper part of the glass.

The Stem:

To hold your glass and helps in avoiding the wine to be warm from the heat of your hand, so that you can enjoy a chill drink.

The Bowl:

Probably the most important part of the glass, and that’s where you’ll find the difference in variation of glasses. The shape of bowl in all the wine glasses has a narrower mouth opening from the top. This type of shape take the aroma of the wine to your mouth and nose.

The Rim:

Rim is the top most upper part of the glass, the thinner the rim will be the lesser it distracts you from enjoying your wine. One great quality of a perfect wine glass is that it might have a cut rim that will be smooth to touch and will not inhibit as the wine flows out of the wine glass.

Popular Wine Glass Designs:

types of wine glasse designs

The Burgundy Red Wine Glass:

As compared to normal wine glasses Burgundy wine glass has a wider and bigger bowl area. The purpose to have a bigger bowl area is to capture as much wine’s aroma as possible. The glass also has the capacity to concentrate the wine by hitting your tongue tip first.

Large Bordeaux Wine Glass:

The globally famous wine of Bordeaux is not only known for its really amazing taste but is also known as one of the most drinking wines in the world. The unique shape Bordeaux glass features a tall and big bowl that also has slightly narrow space at the glass mouth providing plenty of room for the process of aeration.

Large Bordeaux Wine Glass

Standard Red Wine Glass:

The standard red wine glass is a bit taller as compared to other different kinds of wine glasses and also has a larger bowl allowing all the flavors and aromas to emerge.

standard red wine glass

Pinot Noir Wine Glass:

The Pinot Noir wine glasses are not as tall as like Bordeaux glass but still it has a reasonable wider bowl and has tulip towards the rim. These wine glasses intensify the red wines with high level of acidity.

Pinot Noir Wine Glass

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